Two-Photon Photoemission

This is a short tutorial about Two-Photon Photoemission (2PPE). It consists of 5 sections and a link list. There is no need to read the sections successively but the chapter "In brief" should be read first to understand what it is all about. You can either use the short cut menu on the left or the links below to navigate through the tutorial.


  1. In brief A very short description of 2PPE
  2. More detailed
  3. Well, a more detailed description, neglecting complicated theory
  4. Femtosecond laser
  5. A close look at the most important instrument in 2PPE
  6. Experimental setup
  7. Experimental realization of what is explained above
  8. Examples
  9. An application of 2PPE
  10. Links
  11. Links to 2PPE and laser related sites


Last modified 03.01.2005
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